Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Improvements

Just spoke to Dr. E and Dr. Rickoff (the GI treating Tim Bright). His bilirubin has dropped from a 7 to a 4 and his jaundice is already beginning to clear up a bit. We're still waiting on blood cultures to see if the infection traveled to his bloodstream but they're being proactive and loading him with antibiotics. He is being downgraded from ICU back to the oncology floor today (yay for no more neighbors screaming profanities that think they are in Miami all night!) and they will slowly begin to reintroduce food to him today. Still have a ways to go but so thrilled by the amount of progress he's already made! We love all of you and would love to see you but are asking that you wait to visit until he is stronger as we're trying to get him back to health as quickly as possible so we can get back down to the business of fighting this cancer. Thank you for understanding! In the meantime we are well taken care of but will def still take all the prayers you want to send this way. Thanks again to all of you, you've made us feel so loved through this!

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