Sunday, August 17, 2014

Slowly Improving

Tim's fever spiked a little last night but went down on its own for the first time in days. Still no results on the blood cultures and still has a higher breathing/heart rate than he should but he's slowly improving day by day. My back is killing me from the crazy chair bed but I finally feel rested and somewhat coherent again. He's finally feeling sore from the surgery, both in his throat and abdomen and his entire body is sore, likely a combination of being so sick and being in a bed for so long. As for some good news, he's been on a narcotic cough syrup for weeks now due to a racking cough that won't go away. The breathing treatments he's receiving are making his cough a lot stronger but much more infrequent and the cough is actually productive now (a very good thing). With his abdomen, the cough is pretty painful but were glad for improvement. Thank you all again for all of the love!

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