Monday, August 18, 2014

Bad Night

Last night was pretty bad, I think we both got even less sleep than Friday night. It started out pretty well and we were even able to hang out together for a "date night" here at the hospital. Soon after, Tim spiked a higher fever early yesterday evening and although we got it down quickly, he ran a slight fever most of the night. He's also been coughing up colors that should not be coming out of his lungs so those have been cultured and were waiting on those results along with the blood culture results from Friday. He's begun to have lots of trouble breathing again, just taking a lot of work to take in a breath. We're waiting on the pulmonologist to determine if he may have a blood clot in his legs/lungs or if he may have pneumonia. His poor body has been through so much trauma the past few days and I know it's scaring him that things aren't getting any easier. Please pray for him to start getting better instead of having so many set-backs. He's also having some (understandable) trouble processing everything happening as it is a lot for anyone to take in so please pray for some comfort and peace for him, the more anxious he becomes the more trouble he has with breathing and the higher his heart rate spikes. We're going to try to get some sleep until the doctors and nurses head back our way again and hope to have another (better) update later today.

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