Friday, August 15, 2014

Worst day of my life

 First of all, we just want to thank everyone for all of your kind thoughts and prayers, it has been a very long and VERY terrifying day. Tim had surgery tonight where a stint was placed in his bile duct and is now back in ICU and stable. The big issues now are a really high fever, issues with a really high breathing rate and a high heart rate. We're hoping those will resolve as this infection within his liver clears with the stint and he continues to receive strong antibiotics. He's had a dream team of caregivers here at GHS who have moved quickly not only to take care of him but me and our families as well during the insanity, especially our second family at the Cancer Center. We're also waiting for the results of his blood tests to make sure the infection didn't spread into his bloodstream. They are letting me stay in the ICU with him tonight but I'm not allowed to sleep in here. For now I'm just grateful that he's still here with me to have an all-nighter with. Thank you for your prayers, I have no doubt that God is hearing them and working his magic with Tim Bright!

We will fill in more information later but my brain and emotions are currently fried. Thank you all for being so incredible to is once again.
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