Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ups & Downs

Today has been much more calm but still with its share of ups and downs. Tim is still running fevers up at 103 intermittently which causes him lots of distress with his breathing and heart rate. We did get back to a private room and have been sleeping off and on today. Still don't feel caught up but we do feel better than this morning. We're waiting on his blood cultures which may be back as late as Monday to see if any particular bacteria grows showing there is an infection in his bloodstream. This will determine how long his stay is and how long he will be getting IV antibiotics. We've also been meeting with a respiratory therapist and think we have a good plan in place to try to improve Tim's breathing and quality of life. His jaundice is clearing up which is also a good sign and he did some walking around the floor this evening without oxygen and hopefully that will help him progress faster. He's on a clear liquid diet and hoping to get moved up as he manages each step well. Were so appreciative of all of you, this is draining but having such a good care team here at the hospital and a support team of all of you behind us has made all the difference.

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