Monday, August 4, 2014

Life just became even more complicated

There is really no other way to describe how Tim's been feeling lately other than "off". Today he had his first appointment with iTOR to prep for him starting the clinical trial next Monday. During the CT scan they found that his pancreas was inflamed and have given an initial diagnosis of pancreatitis. They are doing some additional blood tests to try to diagnose exactly what is causing it but he's currently pretty frustrated feeling as though he never gets a break. He's also been put on a strict diet of clear liquids for the time being so there is some concern about him losing weight again as he is skinny enough as it is. Were both a bit nervous and anxious about what this means for him so if you get a chance please say a little prayer that this will be something minor that he can bounce back from quickly and some comfort and peace for him as he's currently in a good deal of pain. Thanks all, we'll update again as we know more.
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