Thursday, February 18, 2010


We are so excited to be able to share some great news with you all today. We met with Tim's oncologist this afternoon where we learned the results of his PET scan and what the course of treatment would be. The doctor informed us that all of Tim's organs are CLEAR from any sign of spread from the cancer. There were 3 spots out of the usual that lit up (visit this site to learn more about how that works:,  one was his incision, one was the spot where his colon was rejoined to itself and the last were 2 lymph nodes. The doctor is fairly certain that all are lighting up as a response to the trama they endured during Tim's surgery but will be keeping a close eye on the lymph nodes during Tim's next PET scan in 6 months just to verify that is the only reason they are illuminated.

We are really trying not to put the cart before the horse but can't help but to be so excited about this incredible news. Although we did receive great news today we still have a long journey ahead. Tim will start a chemo treatment nicknamed Folfox on March 3. This will include him going to the cancer center to have blood work and about 3 hours of infusions before they hook up a chemo pump to his port. He will be able to carry on his day-to-day activities by carrying the pump around in a handy-dandy fanny pack. He gets to carry around his fashionable fanny pack for 48 hours before returning to the cancer center to have it removed. He will do this about every other week (twice a month) for approximately 6 months which will turn out to be a total of 12 treatments.

Once he has completed all of his treatments he will have another PET scan which we hope will come up completely clear so that we may put all of this behind us. We will continue to update the site on his progress as we go but wanted to share the news as fast as we could.

I know we say this everyday but thank you all so very much for everything you have done for all of us over the past few weeks. We really wouldn't have made it without all of you and your support. Please keep Tim in your prayers over the next few months as he goes through these treatments. It is our hope that he will have as few side effects from the chemo as possible and will be able to start living life as close to normal as before.
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