Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pre-Op Port Placement

Well everyone you get Tim himself again tonite.  Today was a pretty quiet day which was much needed after yesterday.  I woke up today to find that Doug and Angela Lineberry had left us a breakfast feast on our front porch.  There's not a better way to wake up than having someone drop food off for you.  My mom came over to the house and she helped me clean up a little bit.  My brother and Billy came by the house after lunch and stayed and hung out with me for a little while.  It was good to sit and laugh today.

After they left I went and met Jenny for our meeting with Leta.  Our meeting lasted about an hour and when we finished I really wanted a smoothie so of course I drove over to Smoothie King and got my "Angel Food" smoothie, and it was amazing.

I got back to the house and Jenny and I had a little under and hour before we needed to head over to Becca's game, so nurse Jenny dug into my stomach before we left.  Jenny has been so amazing doing this for me and is so delicate when digging around.

We got to the game in plenty of time and sat up at the very top so I could have something to lean back on.  Becca gave us a wave before the game which made me feel pretty cool.  She played a great game as did the rest of her team as they dominated Seneca. 

I want to thank a couple of people for some great dinners that I haven't done yet.  I want to thank Ryan and Casey as well as all of our "Dinner Club" buddies.

Tomorrow I get my port placed.  So I'm guessing that Jenny will probably update everyone on how things went. 

I know that Jenny and I say this every night but it really means so much to us for everyone saying such kind words and keeping both of us and our families in their prayers. 

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