Friday, February 12, 2010

Staple Removal

Not much has really happened these past 2 days.  Yesterday I laid around the house all day until around 5 when Steven came over and I finally beat him in College Football.  He has humiliated me until yesterday but it was a good feeling to finally win 1.  It was too cold to go for a walk outside so I took about 25 laps through the house. Then last night Jay Jr. and Carolyn came over and brought a ton of food for us to freeze and then they hung around for about an hour and talked. I also got a great message from Ern's 2 year old daughter yesterday, she sent me a voice message saying that she hoped I felt better, that she loved me and that she made me a necklace. She also sent me a picture of this necklace that said "EK LOVES TIM" on it. I love it.

Today I was up early to get the staples out of my stomach.  This was a terrible pain but according to the doctor I was kind of a wuss about it.  After that great experience my mom and I hung out together for the rest of the day until Mrs. Haas brought over an unbelievable dinner for all of us.  She spoiled us way too much but it was so so good. 

Ever since dinner I've just been hanging around. My dad came over to help me shower again and I was able to actually stand up to do it all on my own for the first time tonight which was pretty awesome. I think I'm about to go to bed now, this exciting life has worn me out. Again I want to thank everyone for all of their kind words and prayers.
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