Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Port Surgery

Good morning! We got to the hospital about 7:30 this morning and have had a really smooth and fast process with checking in. Tim actually was just wheeled back to the operating room about 5 minutes ago which was 30 minutes early. The only hitch this morning was that they let Tim know he would not be completely knocked out and would be given similar sedatives as to what he had during his colonoscopy. He was a little nervous about waking up during the middle of this procedure as that is what happened during his colonoscopy but once again the nurses have been excellent and have worked their magic to reassure him.

One of the nurses pulled me up to the desk to show me what the port will feel like as well as what it looks like. I was really impressed, its a tiny little triangle about the diameter of a quarter and is about the depth of 4 quarters stacked upon one another. From what I understand it will show through his skin a little more or less dependent upon where they place it on his chest.  There is a tiny little line leading from the port that they will attach to one of the arteries within his neck. From everything we've been told he should be bouncing right back from this procedure within 2-3 days.

The procedure is scheduled to last about an hour between the prep, the ultrasound they do to find where to place the port and the actual procedure itself. He will be in recovery for about an hour before we get to head back home just in time for his daily nap. :)

Thanks for keeping Tim on your thoughts and in your prayers this morning, we all appreciate it!
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