Saturday, February 6, 2010

More News

We've stayed busy these past 36 hours so I have not had an opportunity to post anything. Tim has made lots of progress over the past 2 days. His meals have gone from an icy and some jello to full liquids including pudding, applesauce, nutrient shakes and pureed chicken noodle soup. He has also gone from eating just a spoonful or two to eating almost all of each.

Due to a little teamwork Tim was also able to have a shower and he looks (as well as feels) much better. He has also been up and walking around the floor making as many as 2 laps at a time. Sitting up in a chair has become a regular occurrence and he is even managing to get himself up and out of chairs and the bed only using people as support rather than helping to pull him out.

He and Steven have been competing with NCAA 2010 Football on his new PlayStation 3 and there was a Trivial Pursuit competition on there earlier today with Tim & Steven completing against Mr. Bright & my dad. We've also been experimenting with the SceneIt game and may even play a little Sonic later.

Unfortunately it is not all good news. We did get some preliminary tests results back late yesterday afternoon which suggested that the cancer may not have been confined to the colon. Right now is just a waiting game for us until we can go meet with Tim's oncologist on Monday so we really have more questions than information right now. We are just taking this one step at a time and your continued thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated by us all.
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