Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We've gotten so much needed good news today. Dr. Robbins performed Tim's resection which only took about 45 minutes. After about another 45 minutes to an hour he came out to speak with us and informed us that the surgery went very smoothly and that Tim was doing very well after. He went on to tell us that the tumor was about the diameter of a quarter and they had removed a ft of Tim's colon and put everything back together again. We still have about a 5 day wait on the pathology results to see if the cancer has reached any of his lymph nodes but overall he seemed optimistic about what he had seen and found while he was operating. We couldn't be more excited about what we've been told and are so thankful for how smoothly the operation went.

Tim is now resting as comfortably as possible and is getting awesome care from the nurses here at Memorial. Thanks for all of the prayers, they are working! :)
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