Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today has been both a productive and exciting day for Tim. I've been back at work since Wednesday so I woke him up before I left to help get him up out of bed. He fell back asleep until about noon and started doing laundry (seems like he likes household chores more than he wants to let on). He also ordered some flowers to be delivered to my office today, such a sweet guy! In between all of those tasks he managed to get some calls in to the doctors office confirming appointments for next week before Aaron and Andi came at 1:30.

Bill came by shortly after and they all played Scene It on Tim's PS3 and the boys took turns playing football after that. They let us out of work a little early today due to the snow that started at 4 so I got home around 5 to all of them having a good time and Andi in the middle of cooking us an amazing dinner. Bill couldn't stay for dinner but we all got to hang out for a little while during the cooking. We ate dinner and hung out for a little bit before Andi and Aaron had to head back to Columbia before the snow got too bad. It ended up taking them almost 3 hours to get back down there due to how much was falling.

We also ended up getting some additional visitors this evening. Haley and David stopped by to hang out and entertain us for about an hour before they went to her parents house for dinner. After they left Tim got a shower all on his own and we've settled down to watch the opening ceremonies which are, according to Tim, like a musical and not in a good way.

Not only has Tim been pretty active and stayed busy today but he also made some tremendous physical achievements throughout the day. In addition to being able to shower by himself he is now able to lie himself down on the couch as well as get back up. He also learned how to get himself up out of the bed by himself and is hoping to be able to be on his own by Monday and possibly start driving again not too long after that. His stamina and determination impress me even more each day and hopefully he will be running at full speed before too long so he can move into the next stage of his fight.

For now we are just watching the end of the ceremony and the snow that has already dumped about 4" and is still steadily falling. Its the most either of us have seen here in a few years and Tim is more than impressed. We both hope that all of you have a fantastic Valentines Day, enjoy spending some quality time with the one you love. We will be enjoying some much needed quality time with one another here at the house. Have a great weekend and enjoy the snow!!
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